Links and PDFs of articles, blogs and web site references to New Morning

2013 March: Jury Rigged – Ocean NavigatorPDF – Fay Mark

2012 August: Cruising World – My Two HPs of Freedom PDF – Fay Mark

2011 August: Sunset Magazine or online at (this is our previous New Morning)

2011 February: Lectronic Latitude, the online version of Latitude 38

2011 Harken Catalog

2010 October: Sail Magazine – Sun, Heat and Humidity – Fay Mark

2010: My Yacht Designs – Chuck Paine

2009 November / December: Ocean Navigator cover above or JPG

2009 October: Ocean Navigator: PDF (400KB)

2009 September: Cruising Worldarticle (106KB) – cover above or PDF (184KB)

2009 August: Sail Magazine – Dinghy Seamanship – Fay Mark

2009 May: Sail Magazine – Industrial Strength or PDF

2009 February: Sail Magazine or PDF (2MB)

2008 December: Sailing Magazine – Bob Perry or PDF (200KB)

2008 November: Panbo

2008 June: Offshore Spars or PDF (164KB)

2008 May: Lyman Morse

2008 May: Maine Built Boats – PDF (420KB)

2008 May: Chuck Paine or PDF (184KB)