We sailed from Huahine through the gap between Raitea and Tahaa and on to Bora Bora to meet some friends. Our friends visiting from the states preferred hotels to boats so to celebrate my birthday we put New Morning on a mooring for a few days and enjoyed life ashore in a nice hotel.

Bora Bora was devastated by cyclone Oli in early 2010. The cyclone destroyed much of the coral on the southern barrier reef. On Bonaire we had seen the damage stop at about 30′, but on Bora Bora when we dove the reef it was damaged everywhere we looked. The cyclone also damaged many hotels and in conjunction with the 2008 financial melt down many of the hotels have stayed shut. Fortunately there are still some nice places inside the lagoon, including a dive spot populated by numerous manta rays.

The Bora Bora Yacht Club was also damaged by the cyclone so Teiva and Jessica gained local backers and opened the beautiful Mai Kai Marina with exquisite food. Fortunately the original Bora Bora Yacht Club eventually reopened, and though the web sites are confusing, the island now has two businesses hosting visiting yachts.

Approach to Bora Bora – Sep 2011

The pesto was great! – Sep 2011

Birthday party – Sep 2011

Happy BIrthday to me – Sep 2011

Great colors – Sep 2011

Manta ray – Sep 2011

Manta ray going away – Sep 2011

Lemon shark – Sep 2011

Moray eel – Sep 2011

Reef devastation – Sep 2011

Moorish idols – Sep 2011