This was our first long passage (900 miles) with just the two of us for crew. We had a little of everything with winds on our departure, no wind and motoring for about a day, and then a boisterous beam reach once we reached the trades. Our autopilot fell apart early one morning, but we put it back together and carried on. We double reefed the main and flew our staysail to slow down New Morning for the last day and ensure we’d arrive in daylight. The passage took five days for an average of 180 miles / day. We cleared customs in late morning and were in the bar at Saba Rock by sunset!

Passing St. Catherine Pt from Hamilton to St. Georges – Nov 2008

Passing through Town Cut into St. Georges – Nov 2008

Bermuda fades away – Nov 2008

Squalls tonight? – Nov 2008

Autopilot disconnects mid-Atlantic – Nov 2008

Fay draws with the moon – Nov 2008

Foredeck fun – Dec 2008

Time for the staysail – Dec 2008

Reaching towards Anegada – Dec 2008

Virgin Gorda – Dec 2008