The mold was built by Union River Boat Company. A plug (sometimes called a male mold) was built in essentially the same manner that a wood boat would be built, by planking over a set of frames. A female mold was built over the outside of the plug, then split down the middle to create two halves. The female mold halves were then trucked to Lyman-Morse where they were bolted back together. Then as described further here, the hull was built on the inside of the mold. Building on the inside of a female mold ensures that the hull will have a fair exterior, the portion of the hull that meets the water.

Mold installed at Lyman-Morse – Jan 2007

Finished mold on the left, plug on the right – Dec 2006

Finished plug – Oct 2006

Planking over the frames – Sep 2006

Framing for the plug – Sep 2006