New Morning is Sold!

New Morning was the primary focus of our lives for more than nine years.

Fatu Hiva

Beginning in 2004 we spent four years planning, designing and then building our ideal cruising yacht. From 2008 – 2013 we sailed almost 17,000nm, visited countless anchorages and watched hundreds of sunsets from Maine, across the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, across the Pacific via the Galapagos to French Polynesia and finally to our home in California. We had an incredible adventure and now other adventures off the water are tugging at us for attention.

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So it was with very mixed feelings that on the morning of December 22nd, 2013, we took New Morning out the Golden Gate about seven miles and signed the final documents to transfer her to new owners. We take pleasure in knowing that New Morning will be cruising with her new owners and doing what she does best.

In this web site you will find the story of how we conceived of New Morning, as well as the thinking that went into her design and a photographic history of her construction by Lyman Morse. In our blog you can read the stories of our day to day life onboard. Add finally you’ll find a thorough description and documentation of all aspects of New Morning’s design, specifications and systems. The web site is broken into the following sections:

What’s New A blog documenting our travels since 2008 and notice of updates to the web site.

Where We’ve been Photos of where we’ve been, including major passages. These are arranged in reverse chronological order, most current first.

Jumby Bay

About New Morning For a quick summary, see Just the Facts, then look at In the News for the occasional press coverage of New Morning, and some great pictures by Billy Black. In the Design section you’ll find the story of how we came to be building a custom boat designed by Chuck Paine, with a description of the design process and some of the design documents. The Systems section, not yet complete, describes the various systems and contains a fair amount of technical information. And finally the Construction section has a number of photos of the boat under construction, the mockups that have been created along the way, and a basic description of the build process. Clicking on a photo on an index page will lead you to a larger photo or occasionally to a document.

Help from our friends And finally, thanks to all the people who helped us create and enjoy our adventure.

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