If you read the “Why a Custom Boat”, then you know why, now the

question is what am I building?

Below is a summary of the introduction to the original design brief. For those of you interested in more detail, you can read the entire original Design Brief.

  • A 50’ – 60’ cruising sailboat capable of circumnavigation. She’ll be sailed primarily in temperate waters with an emphasis on warmer climates, but with basic provisions for wintering in latitudes not more than 50 degrees N/S of the equator.
  • She’ll be crewed by two people most of the time, with relatively brief periods during which there will be four people on board. Sail and boat handling systems will be designed under the assumption that there will be a crew of two with only one person normally on watch, thus designed to be essentially single handed once at sea.
  • For a given displacement, longer and narrower is preferred over shorter and beamier.
  • We’re assuming that on average we live on the boat most of the time, probably all but 6-8 weeks per year. Of the time on the boat, 85% of the nights are spent at anchor, on a mooring or tied up, 15% at sea; or roughly 50 nights at sea each year. The interior design will emphasize living for two people, with an ability to accommodate two guests on occasion. Interior design, both functional and esthetic, are thus equally important with sailing characteristics. That said, the goal is not to lower the quality of the sailing characteristics, but to ensure an excellent interior design.
  • It is assumed that all systems will require regular maintenance and occasional repair. Systems will be located and installed with access and serviceability in mind. Stowage will be provided for spares, and a work space for repair work will be included in the layout (though this space need not necessarily be dedicated solely to repair work).
  • Launch second half of 2007
  • Safe and secure at sea, comfortable and pleasant at anchor.
  • Hard dodger
  • Designed to be maintained and serviced. All components and systems should be designed for accessibility and maintainability. It should be assumed that half of the mechanical systems will be replaced and all electronic components will be entirely replaced at least once during the first seven years.
  • Owner is 6’1” (1.86m) and does not like to duck or bump his head!
  • Modern, light, aesthetically pleasing and functional interior.

The above is where I started in January of 2005 and these points remain the basic design goals for the boat. However, the design brief expanded to include more detail. If you’re curious you can read the Final Design Brief that we delivered to Chuck Paine in November of 2005.