The interior mockup was built by Art Paine, Chuck Paine’s brother, in early 2006. Once Art had finished the mockup, working with Chuck Paine and Jane Plachter-Vogel, over the course of three days numerous changes were considered and many were made. Once a design decision had been made, Art would pull out a saw and 30 minutes later the area would have been altered and we could consider the revision. This was an invaluable step in the interior design.

Frames define the interior space – Jan 2006

Forward end of cockpit – Mar 2006

Nav stn and galley – Mar 2006

Galley without inboard joinery – Mar 2006

Aft cabin – pullman berth down – Mar 2006

Salon from galley – Mar 2006

From salon looking aft – Mar 2006

Starboard side of salon – Mar 2006

Port side of salon – Mar 2006

Passage into forward cabin – without starboard joinery – Mar 2006

Forward bunk – Mar 2006

Forward head – Mar 2006