These pictures capture the hectic days from May 15, 2008 when she was launched through May 19 when we took the first sail. It was very intense, but thanks to an excellent job by everyone it all came together amazingly smoothly.

The Lyman Morse crew worked more frantically than usual on the morning of Thursday the 15th trying to get as many pieces finished or temporarily in place as possible. In the afternoon they started to pull off the protective paper, cardboard and other coverings and the real beauty of their work began to be revealed for the first time (both to us and to them). By 4pm the trailer was backing in and carpenters and mechanics were getting off. Off the stands, onto the trailer and out of the building, the transformation from project to boat was incredibly fast. An hour later Fay had christened her and New Morning was in the water!

On Friday Scott Easom finished assembling the mast just as the crane arrived at 9:30. With the help of Loric and Dave the mast was stepped by shortly after 10:00. With a professional crew it all went very smoothly!

On Saturday afternoon Win Fowler arrived with the sails and by late afternoon she was ready for a sail. On Sunday we rested, Scott finished the running rigging and we took a lot of pictures of the interior and exterior.

On Monday the build crew returned and we were out for a very boisterous first sail. We had true winds of 20-30 knots the entire time which kept us out of the open ocean and as a result our limited sailing room prevented us from really getting settled down with good sail trim. None the less, Billy Black got a beautiful shot of us double reefed and really rolling. The big breeze exposed a few minor problems, but overall she was rock solid, seemed pretty stiff and really moved along nicely. Later that afternoon Mike Feldman from Offshore Spars worked with Scott to tweek the mast step position and finalize the rig tune.

It’s was an amazing five days that left us all exhilarated and exhausted.

Opening the doors – May 2008

Backing in the trailer – May 2008

JB strings the flags – May 2008

Under the trailer – May 2008

Ready to go – May 2008

Clearing the building – May 2008

Out at last! – May 2008

Into the slings – May 2008

Over to the well – May 2008

Into the water! – May 2008

Cake for the party – May 2008

Happy owner – May 2008

Coming up the river – May 2008

Returning from first trials – May 2008

Waiting for the mast – May 2008

Checking the partners – May 2008

Up goes the mast – May 2008

Way up! – May 2008

And in it goes – May 2008

Chicken grabs a batten – May 2008

Smiles, no problems – May 2008

Shrouds fit perfectly – May 2008

Connecting the forestay – May 2008

Lowering the boom – May 2008

Sails bent on – May 2008

Aft cabin – May 2008

Galley past Bob and Betty – May 2008

Galley looking forward – May 2008

Salon – May 2008

Aft head – May 2008

Forward cabin – May 2008

Forward bunk – May 2008

Window in shower – May 2008

Forward head – May 2008

Shower – May 2008

Forward bunk – May 2008

Salon looking aft – May 2008

Salon port side – May 2008

Cockpit – May 2008

Starboard helm – May 2008

Mid deck solar panels – May 2008

Evy’s table top – May 2008

Nav station – May 2008

Companionway stairs – May 2008

Fay in training – May 2008

First sail! – May 2008

Looking good in the big breeze – May 2008