Moorea was spectacular. We came for a week and stayed almost three. Anchored deeply in Cooks Bay and then Opunohu Bay we were in constant awe of the beauty that surrounded us. Then we ventured out for some long dinghy trips, sometimes in very bumpy conditions, to snorkel with a great collection of reef fish and some huge stingrays. Mix in a great patisserie and good shopping, why did we ever leave?

Friends from Berkeley – Jul 2011

Two months later we would be the only boat – Jul 2011

Cook’s Bay from Le Belvedere – Jul 2011

Cook’s Bay from New Morning – Aug 2011

Reef decimated by cyclone Oli – Aug 2011

Walking up to Le Belevedere – Sep 2011

Great scenery on the walk – Sep 2011

Ever present roosters – Sep 2011

Two months later we are the only boat – Sep 2011

Opunahu Bay on the left, Cook’s Bay on the right – Sep 2011

Happy cruisers – Sep 2011

Pine trees in paradise – Sep 2011

Happy cows in paradise – Sep 2011

New Morning in Opunohu Bay – Sep 2011

Stings rays come up to brush against our feet – Sep 2011

Sting rays at rest – Sep 2011

Sting ray gliding by – Sep 2011

Ever present Black Tip sharks – Sep 2011

Opunohu Bay panorma – Sep 2011

Maxfield Parish sunset in Cook’s Bay – Sep 2011