Personal equipment
Fay and I each have a PFD with integrated harness which we use in cold climates. In tropical climates with the water temperature above 80F (26C) we found the PFDs to be too uncomfortable so we wear a simple harness. When on passage we consider it mandatory that the crew on watch always wear a PFD or harness, with the tether clipped into the cockpit jack line. Additionally we’ve equipped each PFD and harness with a strobe light. We also each have a folding Boye rigging knife, as well as a sheath knife at the starboard helm.

If we need to reach the outside world for assistance we have a full set of communications options. These are details in the Systems section under Communication.

LifeSling / electric winches
For man overboard recovery we have a LifeSling. The biggest issue with COB recovery is lifting the person back onto the vessel. If the COB is able to help themselves then New Morning’s swim platform is the easiest way to return to the boat. We usually have rock climbing slings (36” spectra loops) attached to pad eyes port and starboard to assist in getting ahold of the boat. If the COB needs assistance then we’ve practiced using a spinnaker halyard clipped into a loop tied (during the recovery) into the LifeSling recovery line. Using an electric winch it is then straight forward for the crew on board to hoist the COB back onto the boat.


Life raft
In a worst case scenario we would lose New Morning and be forced to abandon ship. In this case, we have Winslow SuperLight 6 man life raft stored in the cockpit sole locker. The lanyard for the raft is attached to a pad eye in the locker. Once the raft is lifted up to the sole, it can be slid along the sole out the transom and into the water, then inflated. There is also a ditch bag stored in the same locker.