The complete 2009 Pacific Puddle Jump Guide
2009 PPJ Guide – Weather
An Excel spreadsheet which calculates the scope requirements, and resulting swing radius, at various anchoring depths. Be sure to fill in your boat’s specifics at the bottom before using.
Anchor tests
More anchor tests
Acco Chain catalog
Yale on ground tackle
Chain to Brait splice
The complete 2002 edition. This is an incredibly comprehensive volume.
Symbols and abbreviations used on charts
USCG Navigation Rules
The front pages of the log book in MS Word format
The front pages of the log book in Pages
The log pages of the log book – prepared in Excel
Parts Catalog for the Yanmar 4JH4-TE nad 4JH4-HTE
Service manual for the Yanmar 4JH4 series including 3JH4-HE, 4JH4-AE, 4JH4-TE and 4JH4-HTE