We lucked into a mooring right in Gustavia, then learned a harsh lesson on cross winds when moored fore and aft when we tried to adjust our mooring lines. But apart from that, St. Barths was very nice. The restaurants are mostly overpriced, but the food is excellent. The beaches were great, the roads narrow and the people very pleasant. Sort of a little piece of the south of France, complete with mega yachts. When we tired of the “city”, we moved around to Anse de Colombier and spent another week on a quiet mooring watching turtles.

Anse de Colombier – St. Martin in the distance – Mar 2009

Saline Beach – Mar 2009

Gustavia harbor – Mar 2009

NM moored in Gustavia – Mar 2009

La belle fille! – Mar 2009

Watch out for the trees – Mar 2009

Fay above Gustavia harbor – Mar 2009

More Gustavia harbor – Mar 2009

Inspiration for “Cheeseburger in Paradise” – Mar 2009

Turtle in profile – Mar 2009

Turtle bubbles – Mar 2009

Colombier turtle – Mar 2009