Los Roques is a collection of islands about 50 miles north of Venezuela. With lots of white sandy beaches it's a popular day trip or weekend trip for Venezuelans. They are protected on the east side by a large reef, and small islands dot the eastern, northern and western side of a very large group of central islands which are entirely restricted as a wildlife sanctuary. The printed and electronic charts were not very accurate, but the Doyle guide's sketch charts were excellent.

Speed record on passage from The Saintes - Jan 2010

Fay at the helm - Jan 2010

Wreck on the reef - Jan 2010

Pink flamingos - Jan 2010

More pink flamingos! - Jan 2010

Fishing camp - Jan 2010

Conch graveyard - Jan 2010

Typical Venezuelan fishing boat - Jan 2010

First Bread! - Jan 2010

How to kill it? - Jan 2010

Dinner - Jan 2010

Frigate on the attack - Jan 2010

Who's looking at who? - Jan 2010

Brown Footed Booby - Jan 2010